The Last Days of Mankind

Yardheads is producing a full-length theatrical performance of the play ‘The Last Days of Mankind‘ with Leith Theatre in November 2018 in a collaboration with international theatre-makers and creatives, local performers and technical participants. The play was written 100 years ago by Karl Kraus, a Viennese writer who published his own journal with a critical and satirical view on newspapers, social climbers and other writers and poets who supported the First World War and in his view perpetuated it.  The English translation being used was completed in parts in 2014 and 2016 by Patrick Healy of November Editions

The show is part of a wider programme of cultural activity, ‘Café Europa’ which brings theatre-makers from Germany, Poland, Serbia, Ireland, Ukraine and France, over a 12-month period, including shorter presentations and discussion of themes and issues around conflict, trauma and hope alongside further performances of ‘The Last Days of Mankind’ in Bielefeld, Germany and Katowice, Poland.

The collaborating groups are Theaterlabor, Germany; Teatr A Part, Poland; Plavo Povoriste, Serbia; Smashing Times, Dublin; Kultura Medialna, Ukraine.

Further links and reading on The Last Days of Mankind can be found at Project 1568.

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