Dates and Times Announced for Leith Theatre Yard Heads Leith Creative Sessions

In a collaboration with Leith Creative, an independent network of local cultural and creative organisations, Yard Heads is starting a workshop series at Leith Theatre with the support of Postcode Community Trust. Two dates have been identified, 7pm on 12th June and 3pm 26th June.

The first step is to bring those who are interested together in an informal way to discuss and explore our work. We aim over the longer term to work towards concrete projects and collaborations but at this stage we are simply calling out to our community and creative networks to join us to explore issues of commonality, obstacles and opportunity. In our ideal world what would we want to see. We can’t promise that any of these ideals will be realised but articulating them may help.

Expect there to be some semi-structured activity with peer-to-peer support and the chance to meet and discuss with like-minded folk as well as those who may have a different view or different ideas to bring to the table.

Leith is blessed with an active and creative citizenship and a rich background of identity, history, skills, industry and diversity. We believe this is a good place to start when considering culture and action that we hope will result in transnational, outward-looking, supportive, inclusive and enterprising values – and real work and recognition for our associates.

To register follow the date links above.

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