Tales of Transatlantic Freedom crosses the Atlantic

Excitement is growing for our upcoming showcase and U.S. premiere of Tales of Transatlantic Freedom taking place at Boston Museum of Fine Art on February 18 at 8pm. This is the inaugural event and new partnership with the National Center for Race Amity.

Following our UK premiere and run of performances of the show as part of the Pianodrome‘s Fringe programme in August 2022 the National Center for Race Amity approached Yard Heads to discuss how performances of Tales of Transatlantic Freedom could support their mission of fostering Race Amity across the United States.

Tales of Transatlantic Freedom is a powerful and memorable piece of music theatre co-created by mezzo-soprano Andrea Baker, opera composer Howard Moody and Yard Heads’ artistic director John Paul McGroarty. Tales of Transatlantic Freedom tells tales in song and movement of power, migration, resistance and emancipation in the transatlantic context since European colonies were founded on the Eastern seaboard of the current United States through the centuries of struggle for freedom and joy which still continue. Bringing a message of joy and hope the audience leaves the auditorium uplifted and empowered, making the show an ideal performance piece for organisations interested in reconciliation, resolution and peaceful freedom fighting.

18 February will be a showcase event where we share the transformational power of the arts in amity and reconciliation. See the NCRA event pages for local booking.

Download our Press and Production Pack and links.

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